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VIP Guarantee


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How to build a special relationship with a distinctive client (V.I.P client)?

Each client should be treated as the most important party but there are always exceptions that need special treatment. For these clients, POL has hired a tim of people and your associates who will monitor the lenses of your V.I.P. client during the entire production process, control and delivery. V.I.P. Guarantee Treatment can be applied only to the lenses of the Orange Line Group.

VIPGuarantee treatment offers the following:

1. Guarantee

In order that V.I.P. customer has a visual pleasure as well as a guarantee for produced lenses, your customer receives a card with his name and serial number which guarantees:

• Accuracy of dioptre values for selected lens.

• Extremely precise treatment on the surface of the lens as well as the index of refraction.

• Guarantee for the coating in a period of two years

• V.I.P. Guarantee does not cover the mechanical damage that can be caused by careless maintenance of the lenses.


2. Reliability

During the process of lens production, we pay attention to every individual lens, but the difference in V.I.P. lenses production is that these lenses are going to be marked with V.I.P. card during the manufacturing process in order to draw special attention to operators. V.I.P. lenses have special treatment in the department of quality control.

The advantage for an optician

We perform the replacement of lenses for new lenses of the same material in the following cases:

• If the user cannot get used to the lenses of selected design, we propose a new design in consultation with an optician

• Errors in refraction

• Damage caused by lenses mounting in the frame

• Error in ordering


3. Fast delivery

We try to deliver within the agreed time most of your requests marked as “URGENT”, but V.I.P. mark obliges us to perform requested lenses within 36 hours r egardless of the type of lenses (the exception is coloring sample).

VIP Guarantee™ is trademark of Pol Optic