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Passion For Innovation.

First of all POL company launches a passion for innovation. The first specimens on the European market dual Progressive lenses produced by Camber technology are from Pol laboratory. Thanks to our intensive work, previous experience of the technical support of renowned companies IOT and Younger Optics on the basics of CAMBER technology was created VARIA SERIES palette of the lens. VARIA SERIES lenses are currently the most advanced designed digital lenses today.

What is the primary goal of CAMBER technology?

The main goal of CAMBER technology is to keep up traditional optical principles, to take advantage of digital processing, to eliminate constraints by introducing a variable base curve. Creation of the variable base curve increases precision of precision of dioptric strength in all zones of the progressive lens.


Advantages of VARIA SERIES lens

Clear vision · A perfect combination of front and interior surface VARIA SERIES lens provide high optical performance and secure adaptation to each user.

Perfect sight for near · Variable external curvature positively affects on the sharpness of vision for near.

Thinner lens · VARIA SERIES lenses are aesthetically nicer and thinner compared to other progressive lenses – especially for lenses with plus diopters.

Wide field · Technology of making “point by point” allows wider and clearer fields visible in all zones.

Easy adaptation · Clinical research shows that the most users have no problem with adaptation and that the time of accessing is reduced to a minimum.

Standardno sočivo

Fiksna bazna krivina

Varia/Camber sočivo

Varijabilna bazna krivina

Most currently available progressive lenses offers universal visual solutions for all users. Even so, VARIAPRO is a personally progressive lens with a specific topography on whose production, beside individual parameters and diopter affects, the users lifestyle, as well as its specific visual needs. VARIA PRO lenses are ideal solution for users who are looking for sophisticated lenses designed for all living conditions.

VariaPro lens

With front and back surfaces design

In order to precisely define the term "users lifestyle" we have developed a special application which includes a series of simple questions whose answers directly affect on production of VARIAPRO lens.


Apple iPad iOS App

· Easy to use

· Professional approach

· Professional approach

· For iPad3 and following generations

· Improves selling process

VARIA PRO lens characteristics:

• Adjustable lens performance

• LifeStyle personalization

• Quick adaptation

• High precision and personalization thanks to CAMBER technology

• Clear peripheral vision

• Reduced unwanted astigmatism

VARIA3D progressive lens are based on CAMBER technology, using the strict control method of spheric and cylindrical prescription strength, which leads to elimination of unwanted peripheral distortions and the reduction of the “floating effects”. VARIA3D provides users with a better peripheral vision, continuous and stable projection even in dynamic movements.

Varia3D lens

With front and back surfaces design

Designed this way VARIA3D lens are ideal for all experienced and inexperienced users who seek top-level progressive lens, offering extended field of vision with minimal peripheral distortions.

Varia3D lens

Connecting the front and back surfaces of the VARIA3D lens

Closest to natural vision!
Using progressive lenses with comfort that you could not imagine so far.

Varia3D lens:

• Wider fields of view up to 50%depending on diopter strength.

• Eliminated unnecessary bending of the image at each point of the lens.

• Sharp and clear vision across the entire surface of the lens.

• When focusing, peripheral objects remain natural and clear.

• Thinner and easier lens compared to the previous one.

The use of modern electronic devices have arisen new needs of users of progressive lenses. Now we have to move more often from the proximity zone to the distance zone and vice versa, especially when using several different digital devices. In the proximity zone, small fonts that are normally displayed on electrical devices requires a high quality of vision to be comfortably read.

Ideal for users of progressive lenses older than 40 years using modern digital devices!

VariaPix is specially developed for users of electronic devices in cooperation with CAMBER and SMART ADD technologies. These technologies provide wide zone of near and middle distance with mild crossings that enable the user to quickly focus on different distances.

Karakteristike VariaPix sočiva:

• Progressive lenses for everyday use

• Specially developed for users of electronic devices

• Wide field of view for near and medium distance

• SMART ADD technology for high ability to notice small detailsVariaPix lens characteristics:

VariaZon is a premium purposeful lens that provides user comfort and wide field of view in zone for medium distance and near. The transition between the fields is more dynamic, which offers excellent agility and change of focus at various distances, especially when using digital devices thanks to SMART ADD technology. Specially designed lens ideal for all prespiops that during the workday mostly use zone for near and middle distance, such as office workers, cooks, painters, musicians etc.

VariaZon is a premium purposeful lens available for four different distances:

VariaZon 1.3

from reading zone up to 1.3m

VariaZon 2.0

from reading zone up to 2m

VariaZon 4.0

from reading zone up to 4m

VariaZon 6.0

from reading zone up to 6m

Purposeful lens are ideal for all presbiop older than 40 years, who spend most of their days indoors!

VariaZone lens characteristics:

• The extremely wide field of view for near and middle distance

• Soft design that eliminates the floating effect and unwanted peripheral distortion

• The adaptation period is not needed

All Orange™ line Varia series™ lenses incorporate IOT and Younger Optics Camber technologies. IOT logo is property of Indizen Optical Technologies S. L. Younger Optics&Camber logos are property of Younger Optics