Top optics and aesthetics combine


CustomFit is the first progressive lens designed in our laboratory, based on the FreeView Technology theory, aiming to deliver sharp, clear and natural vision at all distances. FreeView Technology is a unique and innovative coordinate calculation, which requires individual parameters and the calculation of the chosen frame shape.


Based on the shape of the frame and the individual user parameters, allocation of visible fields is carried on the progressive surface. Distortion progressive surfaces are placed in the part of the lens which will be completely eliminated in the frame after grinding and installing the lens in frame and therefore largely invisible to the user. Thanks to the mentioned technology, the advantages of the CustomFit lens are reflected in the optical and aesthetic sense.

Standard progressive

0 %

Standard progressive

FreeForm progressive

FreeForm vs CustomFit

precise comparison of the field of view

Standard vs CustomFit

precise comparison of the field of view

Optical Advantages of CustomFit lens:

• 40% wider field of view compared to standard progressive designs

• Peripheral stability with minimal distortion surfaces

• Easy and simply access to lenses in a very short period

• Clear and unshielded natural visual acuity

Aesthetic advantages of the CustomFit lens:

• The central and edge thickness of the lens will be reduced to 62% in relation to other standard progressive lenses

• The edge thickness of the lens will be adjusted to the type and shape of the selected frame

• The lenses are easier compared to other progressive lenses of the same diopter

• Easier to use

CustomFit lens characteristics:

• Intended for all users with presbyopia, regardless of previous experience

• Spontaneous and easy adaptation

• Available progressive lengths 16, 17, 18, 19, 20mm

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