Polino kids

Mono & Multi focal

Kids just love them.

Polino Monofocal

Polino Monofocal is made from organic materials. It is very reliable and easy to wear providing our youngest users complete comfort and needed protection.

• A new generation of Polino lenses features a wide field of view, minimal image distortion in the periphery as well as aesthetically most effective solution for vision correction of our young users.

Polino Multifocal

Polino Multifocal is made from organic materials, specially designed and made with Free Form technology and represents the most accurate multifocal lens ever created! These lenses are designed for young users with ascertained excessive accommodative esotropia and enhanced accommodative convergence besides of right correction of hyperopic eye.

• We refer to the test of the U.S. optometrists and their project COMET, which are based on a three-year investigation. It was found that wearing multifocal lenses in children of high myopia, slowing the progression of myopia.

• During the correction of these conditions young people will be satisfied with their glasses as they will not differ from “ordinary” glasses, and thereby will allow them proper correction at all distances.

Specially designed lenses for children and their needs

Standard production of Polino lenses include:

• Digital Free Form technology

• UV protector and a hard coating layer (HC)

• NanoGlide

• EMI coating

• Available in diameters 40, 45, 50 and 55mm

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