Multifocals 0.50 & 0.70

Harmonic sensation.

Harmony multifocal

Harmony 0.50 & Harmony 0.75

Special advantage when using Harmony lens have users who need a slight increase in diopter during near work (reading, writing, working on a computer and other daytime tasks that requires the focus of small items up to 60cm).

Harmony lens eliminates fatigue, strain the user’s eyes so headaches, tiredness and “burning” in the eye represent a distant past and a bad memory.

Dostupna su dva dioptrijska uvećanja:

Harmony 0.50

Designed exclusively for young amethrops age from 18 years

Harmony 0.75

designed for young people from presbyopia age from 42 years

Harmony lenses allows much more comfort compared to other lenses and they are the ideal solution for an introduction to the stage of progressive lenses.

Multifocal lenses suitable for continuous wear.

Harmony lens characteristics:

• Lens designed for continuous wear

• The natural position of the head and neck using near zone

• Easy and simple adaptation

• Eliminates fatigue, in fact eye strain

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