Panorama · Anglera Sport
Panorama · Anglera Sport

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Angles and motion.

Green line monofocal

As part of the Green line collection of optical lenses for vision correction Pol Optic products also two models of monofocal lenses, Panorama lens for everyday activities and Anglera lens, designed for people who do sports using curved sports frames.

ade with Free Form technology and as such it is significantly better than monofocal lenses made with traditional technology. Panorama gives maximum performance for all dioptric strengths.

This lens is intended for people who want to deliver maximum performance in sports using monofocal lenses. In such circumstances it is essential that the correction field of vision with a sports frame is wider than with conventional frames.Anglera is a specially designed lens just for curved sports frames.


Panorama is a single vision lens design made with FreeForm technology that provides superior optical quality in comparison to the traditional production of prescription lenses. Ensures maximum performance for all prescription values.

Progress in relation to the traditional product is reflected in the substantial increase in the quality and clarity of vision. Peripheral aberation effects are removed. Lenses are aesthetically more beautiful and thinner providing comfort and easy adaptation. Available in a large range of materials.

Maximum performance for all prescription power

Panorama lens characteristics:

• Single vision lens design that features aspheric-atoric backside surface of the lens.

• Crystal clear view through the lens without image distortion on the periphery of the lens.

• Aesthetically more beautiful and thinner lenses compared to traditional production.


Anglera is single vision sports design made with Digital Free Form technology.It is characterized by asphericatoric backside surface of the lens.

Thus designed lens offers superior optical quality compared to current traditional production of prescription lenses with a higher base curve.

Making Anglera lenses, we use special calculation designed for sports frames. It is possible to decentralize optical center up to 10mm with reduced.

For wrap curved sport designed frames

Anglera lens characteristics:

• Astigmatic peripheral effects are reduced

• Available in a large range of materials

• Lenses are aesthetically more beautiful and thinner

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