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Tretmani Quality leans treatments. BlueBlocker Blue light + UV protection. Read more &#8594 RemUVe UV420 repover. Read more &#8594 AR Collection Six AR coating designs. Read more &#8594 Tint&Mirror Gradient.Royal.Sport.Mirror line. Read more &#8594 Customization Initial and Signature engraving. Read more &#8594

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All the way to the stars You will see the difference. With Pol Optic. Orange line Top Quality lenses Read more &#8594 Green line High Quality lenses Read more &#8594 Basic line Traditional made lenses Read more &#8594 Tretmani AR. UV Filters. Tinting. Mirror & more Read more &#8594

only4you [EN]

only4you Individualizacija • Optimizacija Individualization Making FreeForm only for me. Individual Optimization Thiner lens. Just calculated. Optimal only4you In order to extract maximum performance from the ordered lens, or aesthetically thinner lenses before making it, it is necessary to enter some of the necessary parameters into the computer in order to make the best quality […]


VIP Card VIP Guarantee VIPGuarantee Welcome to POL business class. How to build a special relationship with a distinctive client (V.I.P client)? Each client should be treated as the most important party but there are always exceptions that need special treatment. For these clients, POL has hired a tim of people and your associates who […]


Personalized Initial Engraving • Auto Sign AutoSign Your lens. Your signature. InitialEngraving Discretion in style. Signature Engraving Signature Engraving is an additional option when making personalized lenses. We can tell from our previous experience that many people enjoy and are proud of the fact that their personal signature is on their lenses. The signature may […]

Tint & Mirror [EN]

Tint&Mirror Classic • Royal • Sport • Mirror Tinting Coloring the world. Tinting Mirror Like a photograph. Mirror Tint & Mirror We have developed a technique of tint and mirror effects according to the latest and most advanced technologies. Tint Shade line: Classic • Royal • Sport Mirror line: Mirror • Mirror Light Tinting Brown […]

Eye protection [EN]

Eye protect BlueBlocker • UV Protector • Remuve BlueBlocker Blocking UV. Blocking Blue. BlueBlocker UVProtection Blue ray cutter. UV Protector RemUVe UV420. Remuve Remuve Therapeutic filters by Pol Optic Very harmful to the eyes, UV rays are an integral part of the light spectrum as well as some very harmful blue colors at different wavelengths […]

Antireflex [EN]

Antireflex AR Collection PureGlide Natural transparency. BlueGlide Blue ray cutter. ARCollection​ Multi+ • UltraGlide • NanoGlide • PolarGlide • BlueGlide • PureGlide Antireflex coatings Pol Optic ozbiljno shvata antireflex sloj kao jedan od veoma bitnih komponenata u dizajnu i konstrukciji sočiva kao finalnog proizvoda. Iz tog razloga u ponudi imamo čak šest AR slojeva. Svaki […]